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…Belle at wo


This lady is smart, hard worker, and independent. She is proud of her success at work. She loves drinking coffee at her office and adores hearing soft music all day long. Sometime she takes her breakfast in a hurry.  Going out  with her old friends to eat sushi every month is a traditional for her

 :Love to be seen

 Formal in a fashion way, look fabulous in the  work


..Fresh Belle

This housewife is fresh, young, and attractive. Because her family is her first priority, she feels proud being a member of the mother club. She loves fashion, and she always looks for beauty advice , recipe ideas , and home decoration tips. Tuesday is very important to her as it is the “Mommy’s night out” where she hangs out with the other mommies to break the routine

   Love to be seen as  

 Fashion mother in effortless way sometimes sexy to the maximum


…Unique Belle

This woman looks beautiful, stylish, and stunning. She is smart enough to know what suits her, and she takes good care of herself. She loves being a member of a luxury gym , spending a lot of time on living a healthy lifestyle. Doing massage is one of the most essential aspects of her life. She also enjoys traveling and likes trying new things

 Love to be seen as

Full of life when it’s come on fashion